“Cookie” Usage
Web page istarska-kapljica.eu uses so called “cookies” to maximize functionality and content quality for the user of this page. Cookies represent a data gathering which is generated by the webpage operator and which the web browser saves on the user’s disk in the form of small textual data. We are trying to optimize the best possible user experience for our users so it is necessary to remark that our Internet pages work optimally if the cookies are used. For the “cookies” to be used in accordance to the Law of Electronic Communications, Law of Personal Information Protection and EU directives we need your consent. Using this web page you are giving your consent and agree to cookie usage. If blocking cookies you can still search the page but some of the web’s options will not be available for you. During site searching a session cookie is placed on the webpage istarska-kapljica.eu user’s computer and is only active while the user uses the page. This allows the user to more efficiently make use of the webpage and is automatically turned off when the user closes the browser. Additional information like your name or e-mail address will not be saved – web pages can not have access to your information if you did not provide them and they can not access other data on your computer.

Cookies from other servers

Istarska kapljica uses its own cookies on its web pages and simultaneously allows the selected third parties to install their cookies on the user’s computer. The user by visiting this Internet site gives his consent for cookie usage on other servers as well. An example of an external server which is used for web activity statistics to gather knowledge on the efficacy of web pages on the market is Google Analytics. More detailed information is provided on Google Analytics.

How to disable cookies?

Disabling cookies you decide on allowing or not allowing cookie storage on your computer. Settings for cookies can be controlled and configured on your internet browser. You are authorized to prevent cookie usage by clicking on the option Tools/Options in your browser. Istarska kapljica excludes itself from any responsibility or loss of functionality and/or content quality of the web page istarska-kapljica.eu  the case of regulating cookie usage from the user. It is considered that the users are at every point familiar and in agreement with the terms and conditions regarding cookie usage.