Grappa is a by-product of wine making from fractional distillation of marc and it’s name is “drop” and is produced since a long time. Grandfather (nono) Eufemio corn in the 19th century and known as “zio Nuccio” devoted his life in village of Cerjani to the production of grappa rigorously distilled in copper still according traditions. Also now a day the tradition goes on thanks to his grandson Goran Špehar in the new and modern distillery.

Having a liking for tradition and flavor of Istrian land we started producing with our grapes an high quality spirit (acquavite d’uva) that blanded with natural ingredients like honey, truffles, walnuts and blueberry result in a range of products under the “Istarska kapljica” brand. Production is made in the Cerjani distillery a tipical village surrounded by natural landscape and not far away from Kastiler.